ALL SOULS – Ghosts Among Us 2022


toked to be handling the upcoming album promo for Los Angeles-based trio ALL SOULS (feat. members of Fatso Jetson and Totimoshi)! Their third studio album, Ghosts Among Us, will be out on October 21, 2022 via Oscura Records.

ALL SOULS formed in the winter of 2016, featuring Antonio Aguilar (Vocals, Guitar) and Meg Castellanos (Bass/Vocals, both of Totimoshi) and Tony Tornay (Fatso Jetson / Desert Sessions, Linda Perry’s Deep Dark Robot), they have been hand-picked to tour with TOOL, THE JESUS LIZARD, (the)MELVINS, and MEAT PUPPETS. The trio creates songs that are lyrically dark, infused with the band’s unique style and perspective on the state of today’s world. Their music has been described as intelligent, majestic, exciting and original. They are unafraid to bridge into big open spaces discovering new wastelands; ultimately stepping from dark to light.

1. All Souls - I Dream
2. All Souls - Roam
3. All Souls - Poison The Well
4. All Souls - Marjorie
5. All Souls - Who Holds The Answer
6. All Souls - Grind
7. All Souls - Key To Your Heart
8. All Souls - Crawl
9. All Souls - Absquatulate


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