Boize (Emissary, Breaking Violet) – Discography (7 releases) – 1989-2018, MP3

Boize (Emissary, Breaking Violet) – Discography (7 releases) – 1989-2018, MP3

Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Country of performer (group): Canada
Year of publication: 1989-2018

1989 - The Bug (Demo) [00:20:09]
1992 - Boize (EP) [00:23:30]
1993 - Reach in (Demo) {as Emissary} [00:14:14]
1996 - Digging Up Old Bones {as Breaking Violet} [00:47:39]
2012 - I'll Still Love You (1991 Recorded) [00:41:23]
2013 - Lost Tapes (Compilation) [00:51:21]
2018 - Boize (Compilation) [01:00:04]

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More Information

Last label: U-Iliot Records. Years active: 1989-1993 (as Boize ), 1993 (as Boize-Mormentum ), 1993-1996, 1996-1999 (as Breaking Violet) Contact: [email protected]. Emissary was formed in June 1993 when the members Boize decided to change the band's name.

ex-Emissary (CAN) Xavier Briand (aka Rjeen) Vocals. ex-Emissary (CAN) Stéphane Fania (aka Zany Shultz) Bass, Back Vocals, Keyboard, Programming. Breaking Violet, Emissary (CAN) Robert Kourie (aka Floyd Harem) Guitar, Back Vocals. Emissary (CAN), Breaking Violet

Boize was a heavy metal/glam metal band from Montreal, Canada active from April of 1989 to June of 1993. The band recorded two demos in 1989 (both featuring the same 5 songs; once in their rehearsal space, then again at a professional studio) and then signed with the independent record label in the spring 1990.