JUNKYARD DRIVE – Look At Me Now 2024

JUNKYARD DRIVE – Look At Me Now 2024

12 April 2024 For fans of The Hellacopters, Rival Sons, Danko Jones JUNKYARD DRIVE is more energetic than ever before. The new album, with the title “Look At Me Now”, presents a band with new energy and inspiration.

Since 2014, Junkyard Drive has been determined to be the band that provides the soundtrack to life in the fast lane with the audience as passengers. Every time! With three critically acclaimed albums, lots of concerts and tours in most of the world, they have tried more than most Danish rock bands. Now their fourth album is on the way, and the goal has changed.

On “Look At Me Now”, Junkyard Drive rolls out ten high-octane rock tracks, delivered with flair, precision and lots of energy. One is tempted to say renewed energy, because even though Junkyard Drive are largely recognizable on the ten tracks that will be released in April, it is in many ways a changed band that delivers them. A few changes in the line-up and a much-needed look inside the internal relationships have restored focus and renewed the joy of playing. “Look At Me Now” welcomes two new guitarists: Oliver Hartmann and Kristoffer Kristensen. Both come with experience from genres other than rock, and that brings new ideas to the table during the songwriting process.

“Since we released “Electric Love” in 2022, we have gone through a process that can be heard in the new tracks”, lead singer Kristian Johansen offers. “We are tired of rock music always being put in the booth with draft beer and festivity. We want to show that rock music can develop and that it can contain sensitivity and depth. That’s why we had to go inside ourselves, to write texts that were more honest and that have something more at heart. When you go into yourself, you also have to come face to face with your own weaknesses. It can be a hard, but also very learning process. We have experienced that it has also taken a toll on the band’s internal relationships as you go through topics that can be tough, but we are incredibly proud to have gone through the process, because the lyrics and sound we have created have more layers than we have previously performed”.

“Look At Me Now” was produced by Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Thundermother) and will be released in LP (black and red vinyl editions, the latter being limited to 500 units) CD and digital formats on April 12th, 2024.

Somewhere To Hide 3:42
Shoot From The Hip 3:46
Tearaway 3:26
Black Wolf 4:22
Beauty Fool 5:38
Blood Red Sky 5:36
Saw You Hanging There 4:23
Pipe Down 3:22
The Tide Is High 3:56
Afterglow 3:59

Kris – lead vocals
Oliver Hartmann – guitar
Kristoffer Kristensen – guitar
Claus – drums & cowbell
Sjus – bass

Link for download JUNKYARD DRIVE – Look At Me Now 2024 : mirror link
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Auf ihrem neuen Album „Look At Me Now" erreichen Junkyard Drive einen neuen Höhepunkt neu entdeckter Vitalität und Inspiration. Seit ihrer Gründung im Jahr 2014 hat es sich Junkyard Drive zum Ziel gesetzt, den ultimativen Soundtrack zu einem Leben in Hochgeschwindigkeit zu liefern - und das Publikum mit auf die Reise zu nehmen. Mit der ...


Junkyard Drive: Look At Me Now voraussichtlicher Liefertermin ist der 12.4.2024. Junkyard Drive Look At Me Now CD Label: Target Records Bestellnummer: 11761125 Erscheinungstermin: 12.4.2024 Weitere Ausgaben von Look At Me Now EUR 36,99* LP, (Red) EUR 36,99* LP, (Black) Tracklisting Mitwirkende Disk 1 von 1 (CD) 1 Somewhere To Hide