BALANCE OF POWER – When The World Falls Down 1997 (Japan Edition +1), MP3+FLAC

BALANCE OF POWER – When The World Falls Down 1997 (Japan Edition +1), MP3+FLAC

As far as underrated bands in the metal / hard rock world go, British combo BALANCE OF POWER has to be near the top of the list. At no point have they really received the accolades they deserve, considering the talent and consistency apparent in their work.

As requested, here’s the out of print BALANCE OF POWER debut album “When The World Falls Down” in its Japanese edition including a great bonus track.
Easily, “When The World Falls Down” is one of the Rock albums appeared in the Nineties. While BALANCE OF POWER later evolved to a more progressive sound, this first LP is a terrific platter of quality 80s influenced commercial melodic hard rock with some AOR waves and melodic metal touches.
Harmonies galore, melodic guitars, smooth vocals, keyboard stabs and a pumping energetic flow are the motto of “When The World Falls Down”.

Throughout their career, Balance Of Power have always tried to combine two distinct influences. One the one hand, the metal tradition of Rainbow and ’80s Malmsteen. On the other hand, these guys have clearly grown up listening to a lot of AOR and arena rock. The sweet, super-catchy vocal melodies of bands like Journey, Foreigner, Asia and Toto left a definite mark on the impressionable minds of these young British musicians.
“When The World Falls Down” is miraculously suspended between these two poles. The songs are anchored in exquisitely guitar riffs and arpeggios that could have been penned by Blackmore or Malmsteen themselves. Given these foundations, you would expect the songs to climax in powerful metallic choruses.
Instead, quite brilliantly, Balance of Power bring in these massive AOR choruses that are melodic, light and catchy and that you just did not see coming.

While the keyboards are mixed quite heavy, there is no mistaking the solid guitar chops of Bill Yates and Paul Curtis. After a short keyboard intro, things kick off with Against The Odds, a great mid-tempo track. Everything is just coated with a thick layer of 80s influences, with Euro & American stylings all over.
The next song, Overnight Sensation, reeks of a single, with it’s stadium-sounding chorus and deliberate pace. Several good rockers follow, including Can’t Close The Book, Something For Your Head, and the title track, all killer.
Ballads are scattered throughout, but they don’t necessarily detract from the ambience of this kind of album – these a well elaborated tracks with impressive musicianship.
The bonus track for Japan, If Ever, is one of the best cuts and should have been part of the international release, a superb midtempo like a mix between early Journey and Asia.

All Balance Of Power albums are very, very good, with the years the band evolving into a more proggy style, but “When The World Falls Down” will especially delight fans of ’80s sounding melodic hard rock / AOR, served with a pristine production polished to the extreme.
Highly Recommended


01 – 96.11.28; 14:00
02 – Against The Odds
03 – Overnight Sensation
04 – Can’t Close The Book
05 – Hide Your Heart
06 – Balance Of Power
07 – Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow
08 – Something For Your Head
09 – When Love Is On Your Side
10 – The Real Thing (Carry On Dreaming)
11 – These Are The Days
12 – Summers Over
13 – If Ever

Tony Ritchie – lead and backing vocals
Paul Curtis – guitar, backing vocals
Bill Yates – guitar, backing vocals
Ivan Gunn – keyboards, backing vocals
Chris Dale – bass, backing vocals
Lionel Hicks – drums, percussion

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Balance of Power. Type: Full-length. Release date: August 25th, 1997. Catalog ID: N/A. Label: AOR Heaven.

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