Saracen – Marilyn (2024 Remastered Version), MP3+FLAC

Saracen – Marilyn (2024 Remastered Version), MP3+FLAC

Escape Music continues with their remastered reissue of British pomp-rock veterans SARACEN works, now with the superb concept album “Marilyn”, a collaboration with the likes of Robin Beck, Issa, Steve Overland, and more. This “Marilyn [Expanded +2] (2024 Remastered Version)” includes the 2 original Japanese release bonus tracks.

Since their re-formation in 2003, Saracen seem comfortable in crafting their releases into concept albums “Marilyn” is indeed a concept piece of work based in none other than cultural icon Marilyn Monroe.

Saracen’s late ‘70s / early ‘80s pomp rock style has not changed in order to better accommodate the new concept chosen to explore: the upfront-epic keyboards of Paul Brabber are ever present, complemented by thick guitar riffs and melodies courtesy of Rob Bendelow, all topped by the hymn-like vocals of Steve Bettney.

They are helped in this adventure by, appropriately, some female singers including Issa Overseen (melodic rock albums for Frontiers Music), but mostly by lovely American singer Robin Beck. British FM vocalist Steve Overland duets with her on one track as well.
Robin in particular, performs part of the vocals on a total of five songs out of eleven, effectively becoming a key contributor to this project.

Typical of Saracen, the album begins grandiose with the epic instrumental “Norma Jeane”, a grand and lush arrangement with big keyboards which includes saxophone. The use of sax in hard rock can add marvelous character and flavor to a song (which I totally love on this album), returns on many tracks.
What follows on this work is varied, but marked always by Saracen’s deft use of melody, harmony and hooks in every arrangement.

“Whither The Wind Blows” has some prog elements, with a strong vocal arrangements and a dense pompy instrumentation. I do like the acoustic guitarm Celtic-oriented “Hold On”, warmly performed by Issa. A sweet melody, including again a very good sax solo alongside the electric guitar.
“Make This Body Work” is a solid hard rocker with Robin Beck securely at the helm, while “Break the Spell” and “Unfinished Life” also rocks hard linked to the band’s NWoBHM roots, adding more epic to these songs.
“Love Like a Razorblade” tones things down a bit, yet offers strong guitar and bluesy melodious feel.

“Who Am I” is one of the highlights of the album, this duet between Robin Beck and Steve Overland start as a soulful ballad but after a couple of minutes explodes into a catchy melodic rocker and then slows again at the end. Really good one.
The more prog-folky “Not For Sure” gives me goosebumps because of the vocal performance by Robin Beck and the overall melancholic atmosphere of the whole song.

The cover of “Feel Like Going Home” offers Beck’s soaring vocals again over lush keyboards, bass and drums with a moderate pace and a sad feel (certainly reflecting the lyrics).
A final mention to the last song, “Marilyn” finds Robin Beck lighting over in which seems to be an AOR friendly melodic rocker, but later turns to Saracen’s signature pomp rock.

This Japanese edition includes two bonus tracks: “Mourning Star” features spoken words, mostly a track with a busy instrumentation, nices guitar work and atmospheres.
Then “Shine On” is one of the best tunes of the entire recording, a beautiful semi-ballad featuring all vocalists together, all providing wonderful harmony vocals through the emotive lyrics.

Saracen’s “Marilyn” is a very well structured album, musically varied and cleverly written.
While having chosen this original concept to build their new record, Saracen have not made any compromises in their musical approach (apart from the inclusion of the female singers).
The main music direction on “Marilyn” is melodic hard rock, with proggy and strong pomp elements, where ballads and tempo breaks abound.
Lyrically, the concept is rather one-sided, concentrating mainly on tragedy, neglecting glamour and success which were arguably equally large parts of Marilyn’s social statue.

Never the less, guest appearances by Issa Overseen and Robin Beck establish a female presence that is absolutely essential to the character of the album, being the main point of differentiation for “Marilyn”.
There is no denying that the musicianship is high on this album, very well arranged and with some stellar vocal performances.
Highly Recommended

01. The Girl (Norma Jeane) (4:29)
02. The Orphan (Whither the Wind Blows) Ft. Steve Bettney (5:41)
03. The Dreamer (Hold On) Ft. Issa (3:09)
04. The Model (Make This Body Work) Ft. Robin Beck (3:16)
05. The Actress (Who Am I) Ft. Steve Overland (5:28)
06. The Wife (Love Like a Razorblade) Ft. Karensa Kerr (5:10)
07. The Patient (Break the Spell) (4:27)
08. The Mistress (Not for Sure) Ft. Robin Beck (5:01)
09. The Forsaken (Feel Like Going Home) Ft. Robin Beck (5:08)
10. The Witness (Unfinished Business) Ft. Steve Bendelow (5:07)
11. The Woman (Marilyn) Ft. Robin Beck (5:52)
12. Instrumental (Mourning Star) (3:07)
13. The Legend (Shine On) Ft. Karensa Kerr, Steve Bettney (4:36)

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