Arctic Heart – Ragnarok 2023

Arctic Heart – Ragnarok 2023

FFO: Manowar, Sabaton, Iron maiden Location: Norway As the mythical Norse world of Ragnarök begins, and the gods fall to their ultimate demise, five vikings from Norway have set sail to spread the tales of old Norse mythology across Midgard.

Armed with swords, guitars, drums, and bass, this Viking metal band will march across the world singing the tales of the gods, goddesses, and monsters of Norse mythology. As the sacred tree Yggdrasil trembles, awakening the monsters living on land and in the sea, the band will pay tribute to Odin, who was killed by the wolf Fenrir, and Thor, who was killed by the serpent Jormungand. Their music will capture the essence of the Viking era and inspire a new generation to carry on the legacy of the gods. All hail Odin!

01 - Ragnarok !.mp3
02 - Sleipnir.mp3
03 - Gjennom Stormen.mp3
04 - Wasteland.mp3
05 - Odins Hymn.mp3
06 - Icelander.mp3
07 - Shield Maidens.mp3
08 - Sail Across The Sea.mp3
09 - Sacred Arm Rings.mp3
10 - Mjølnir.mp3

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