Eynomia – Break Free 2024

Eynomia – Break Free 2024

What a blessing. Some people will know it. You listen to one big record after the next and are completely overwhelmed by bombast, brutality, noise, noise or complexity. You push yourself from one high-end listening experience to the next. And then comes EYNOMIA.

Don't get me wrong: EYNOMIA is none of those things and is still a pleasant treat. Here you have to prepare yourself for finely woven Hard Rock/AOR.

EYNOMIA have not created a record of the century with “Break Free” and will probably not be included in the top ten of the most groundbreaking records. But the well-thought-out, finely woven sound that runs through all the songs definitely doesn't have to be hidden. “Break Free” definitely belongs on every hard rock/AOR fan’s CD shelf. And the people who just like to listen to music that isn't full of peaks and highlights, but is just completely what it's supposed to be. Entertaining music.

01 - Cleansing.mp3
02 - Someday Maybe.mp3
03 - Till We Meet Again.mp3
04 - Break Free.mp3
05 - Let It Go.mp3
06 - Through Your Eyes.mp3
07 - I Can Tell.mp3
08 - Take A Look.mp3
09 - When Its Over.mp3
10 - Raise Your Voice (Bonus Track).mp3

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Eynomia · Album · 2024 · 10 songs.