Vanity Ink (Discography) 4 Releases – 2004-2009, MP3

Vanity Ink (Discography) 4 Releases – 2004-2009, MP3

Genre: Hard Rock, Glam Metal, Alternative Rock
Country of performer (group): Finland
Year of publication: 2004-2009

Studio Albums:
(2007) Vanity Ink - On Your Skin
(2009) Vanity Ink - More Senseless Random Behaviour
(2004) Vanity Ink - ...Roadkills! (EP)
(2005) Vanity Ink - Vanity Is A Full-Time Job (EP)

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Vanity Ink from Helsinki Finland was formed at the end of 2002. The band rises from the ashes of the streetrock groups such as Capital Crime, Silver City Bandits, Crystal Extasy, Weirdorama and BlueInTheFace. The original line-up was Juha Bandit (guitar), Make (guitar), Miki Peltola (bass), Sam Junn ... Vanity Ink at Metal From Finland Add a reminder. Fill in your email address to get a ...

Vanity Is a Full-Time Job. Edit the album Report an error. EP, 2005, Self-Released