The Arc Light Sessions – When the Truth Rings Hollow (2024)

The Arc Light Sessions – When the Truth Rings Hollow (2024)

Year of manufacture: 2024
Genre: Progressive Rock / Neo-Prog / Symphonic Prog
Country: Canada

01. Don't Be Absurd
02. Be Good to Yourself
03. Touching Earth
04.Letting Go
05. I Will Be Back
06. Enchanted
07. A Poor Man's Christmas
08. If Only
09. Improvisation #1
10. The Truth

Line Up:
- John Alarcon / piano, synthesizers, organ, Mellotron, lead vocals
- Hugo Emard/bass
- Steve Valmont / drums
- Luc Tremblay/flute, oboe
- Patrick Simpson / guitars

Link for download The Arc Light Sessions – When the Truth Rings : turbo
More Information

The Arc Light Sessions is a musical studio project specializing in symphonic progressive rock based in Montreal, Quebec and led by composer and keyboardist John Alarcon. Subscribe.

Profile: The Arc Light Session have been founded mainly by the frontman, composer, producer and keyboardist John Alarcon, who has a long career (for over 40 years) as a musician. He was born in Madrid and emigrated to Canada at the age of 8. He began to play classical piano at 11, but soon was immersed in one of the great keyboardists named ...

The Arc Light Sessions is the brainchild of keyboardist and composer John Alarcon. It is a studio project which specializes in symphonic progressive rock - a style of music that uses rock as a base and adds to that a tasty mixture of elements from classical, jazz and/or folk to create a new concoction.