A Neverending John’s Dream – Coming Back To Paradise 2024

A Neverending John’s Dream –  Coming Back To Paradise 2024

19 April 2024 A Neverending John’s Dream is a Melodic Hard ‘n’ Heavy band formed in Barcelona in 2022 when Joan M. Heredia (drums, vocal, and composer) teamed up with David Vidal (guitars), Paul E. Schuster (bass) and Xavier Miró (keyboards).

Joan M. Heredia started to play drums, to sing and to write songs more than 20 years ago, has been playing in dozens of bands but so far never has thought about releasing own material until now.

A Neverending John’s Dream’s debut album, “Coming Back to Paradise”, was completely written and produced by Joan M. Heredia. The recordings and the mix took place at Moontower Studios in Barcelona. Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse) at Mass Destruction Production Studios (Sweden) mastered this release. The cover artwork and the CD layout were designed by Jan Yrlund, at Darkgrove Design (Finland); photos were taken by Irene Serrano.

“Coming Back to Paradise” is a melodic hard ‘n’ heavy album, with a late 80s/ early 90s feel, but with an up to date production. The lyrics are telling stories about a lot of experiences, centred in human condition, music, and nature. The song chosen as a single with a video clip (filmed by Visual Noise Barcelona) is “Coming Back to Paradise”, a veritable hard rock hit with the homonymous title of the album.

The meaning of the band’s name is a bit philosophic. The creation of music has no end (Neverending), and this fact, is like a dream for Joan M. Heredia (John).
Live gigs for Spain around currently being planned.

01-Welcome to My Ghost Kingdom 2:07
02-Coming Back to Paradise 4:43
03-Equilibrium 4:10
04-I' ve Lost My Dreams 5:33
05-If We Stand United 4:54
06-Alone With My Shadow 4:10
07-Prisoners of This Life 4:02
08-In Our Hands 4:22
09-Sad Winter 4:42
10-Save Me From Myself 3:38
11-Mother of All 5:37
12-Sunrise 3:53

Link for download A Neverending John’s Dream – Coming Back To : mirror link
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