TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Live Blood 2024

TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Live Blood 2024

April 26th For fans of Iron Maiden, Saxon, Thin Lizzy Mighty Music are proud to announce the release of a live album by the TYGERS OF PAN TANG, to be called “Live Blood”. Stalwarts of the NWOBHM, the Tygers are currently celebrating eight years with Mighty Music during which time they have released three well received new albums, the most recent of which “Bloodlines”, was met with universal critical acclaim in 2023. The band, with guitarist Robb Weir at the helm, along with long-serving members Jack Meille (vocals) and Craig Ellis (drums), includes their two new recruits for “Bloodlines”: guitarist Francesco Marras and bass player Huw Holding. “Live Blood” includes material from across the band’s career, including songs from their first four albums with MCA Records plus their last four albums of new material.

Jack Meille comments: “Recording a live album after all this time with the Tygers? I never thought I would experience it but with the Tygers Of Pan Tang I have learnt that the “impossible” is possible. “Live Blood” captures all the energy we deliver while playing our favourite songs live and raw!”.

The recording was made at The Patriot venue in Wales UK during the summer of 2023 and will arrive as a single CD and a double vinyl featuring additional tracks. The album will be preceded by the release of two singles: the live favourite “Gangland” from their legendary “Spellbound” album and the hidden gem “Keeping Me Alive” from “Ambush”.

We will leave the final word with Robb Weir: “Every time we play a show we are asked when we are going to record a new live album. Our live show adds a new dimension to the old songs and allows us to stretch out a bit on the newer numbers”.

“Live Blood” will be released on double LP (black vinyl, including three exclusive bonus tracks), CD and digital formats on April 26th, 2024 via Mighty Music.

Intro 0:50
Euthanasia 3:52
Keeping Me Alive 5:08
Love Don't Stay 4:33
Gangland 4:57
Edge Of The World 5:29
Destiny 4:56
Back For Good 6:04
Only the Brave 4:43
Paris By Air 3:40
Do It Good 5:08
Insanity 5:56
Fire On The Horizon 3:37
A New Heartbeat 4:17
Slave To Freedom 6:25
Suzie Smiled 4:57
Hellbound 3:37
Love Potion No.9 2:39
Blood Red Sky 4:59

Robb Weir - guitar
Francesco Marras - guitar
Jack Meille - vocals
Huw Holding - bass
Craig Ellis - drums

Link for download TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Live Blood 2024 : mirror link
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TYGERS OF PAN TANG veröffentlichen einen Mitschnitt ihres Konzerts im Club The Patriot in Wales vom Sommer 2023: "Live Blood" erscheint am 26. April 2024. Bei dem Konzert standen neben Gitarrist Robb Weir, Sänger Jack Meille und Drummer Craig Ellis auch die neuen Bandmitglieder Francesco Marras (Gitarre) Huw Holding (Bass) auf der Bühne ...